Sunday, January 25, 2015

Life Lessons of the Week

It has been a sensational week, because I'm letting peoples reactions, judgements, and snideness just roll off my back instead of hanging out with the mush pot of stinky feelings.

But I did learn a few things this week that I hope make me a better me, and some snarky things that just amuse me.

  • I just feel better when I eat clean and workout consistently
  • Consistency, while challenging is a good thing for everyone in this house
  • I'm scared about the upcoming Ragnar Relay, almost irrationally
  • Autism is a bummer, but when my kids conquer something I see their growth and it thrills me to no end
  • After the 21 day sugar detox failure, I'm addicted to sugar and will try again
  • If almost 20 years later a person is still whining, broke, and discontent, cut them loose
  • There is no way faith and fear can coexist in your head, you will constantly be in turmoil
  • Stay out of stuff that won't bring harmony to your home
  • It's none of your business if no one told you about it
  • Some people wasted a ton of money on college tuition, seriously, a ton of money
  • My sons face on rides at Disneyland is what pure joy looks like
  • I am enjoying riding on the back of the Harley
  • People that go to lengths to not spend time or see my kids are missing out on epic awesomeness.
  • I can make Paleo Bread and it doesn't suck
  • I can run and I thank God for the Galloway Method
  • God is everything or he is nothing
  • Being of service and helping others is more rewarding than you think it will be, and the gifts you get from it are breathtaking
  • I adore my husband
  • I am excited to get a new part time job, I'm excited to talk to adults for a few hours a week.
  • Being a mom is dirty, exhausting, debilitating, and the best friggin thing on the planet.

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