Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Track It Tuesday

Whooo Hooo!  After a crazy busy month, a vacation, and hospital stay.  I have put/forced myself back on track, and after this week.  I can happily say I am down 3 lbs, eating well, and exercising and an excellent and exciting level.

I have put my workouts first, and left everything on the gym floor.  I have walked out of Renaissance ClubSport Aliso Viejo with nothing left the last couple of weeks.  I have had to kick my running up a notch because the Disneyland Half Marathon is this weekend on September 2nd.  I have been lax in my training and let my social schedule, my family vacation, and being the crazy autism advocate that I have to be, and having both my kids home from school was incredibly challenging to stay on track.  And occassionally, I fell off of that track. 

I have improved because I don't stay of track very long anymore.  I have a bad meal or a couple of bad snacks and I eat a healthy meal, not because of guilt, but I truly don't feel good when I eat too much processed crap.

I also took an amazing cycling class at Renaissance this week.  What an amazing workout,  I was sucking wind and burned like 850 calories in an hour.  I could get hooked on that.

My hope for this week is to finish the marathon before they close the course, to take what I learned from the last half marathon and practice it.  Run, run for my kids, run to finish, and feel good, and enjoy my time with my thoughts and the road, push people on the course that are struggling, and enjoy the experience.  I am running a half marathon, are you kidding.  2 years ago at this time I was in the middle of fighting cancer, over weight, out of shape, and scared - and now I'm running 13.1 friggin miles.

My hope for next week is to take some running breaks and really put all the weight training that I have been taught by the amazing trainer Allie at Renaissance ClubSport to use, and start to change the body.

What I have learned over the last couple of weeks for myself, is that no matter how guilty certain people want to make me feel for taking care of myself, it is IMPORTANT.   I matter and I do have to put myself first sometimes because my health is important, without it I can't care for the most important things to me.

So see ya later 4 lbs., hopefully next week I'll have the same to report :) 


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