Monday, August 20, 2012

Life Lessons of the week

  • Ronald Reagan was an amazing President (Go visit his Presidential Library very cool experience and see for yourself).
  • My kids are a lot of work, yet every quirk, and deficit autism gave them, gives me a Ton more love for them
  • I hate hospitals
  • The medical profession needs to learn how to work better with children with Autism
  • There are some "friends" that could really care less if you have something going on, but you better be there when they have a crisis or self induced drama
  • The laundry you have to do after a vacation is almost enough to make me not go on vacation
  • Unless you live with or work with on a daily basis someone with autism you don't know much about it
  • Show compassion
  • Go with your gut
  • The more grateful I am the more I get to be grateful for
  • I love spending time with my family
  • When you sign up for a half marathon - TRAIN for it. -  I have a feeling the Disneyland half marathon is going to be a disaster!
  • Hug and kiss your kids at least 5 times a day.  It makes you and them feel good.
  • Eating good and exercise is the best medicine and stress relief that there is
  • The person that invented Reese's Ice Cream sandwiches is Satan


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