Monday, March 26, 2012

Housewives of OC Really??????

I am behind a few weeks on this Season of the Train wrecks of Orange County, because frankly they are irritating and stupid. I am fairly sure that if I ran into a few of them on the street I would knock them right off of their stilettos, just to amuse myself.

I get reality.   In someways and on some days my life and those of most of the Real Moms in OC there is a little too much real in our reality. Besides one real crazy bitch in Laguna Niguel that is off her psychiatric medication, I have never come into contact with women who treat each other so poorly. These are middle aged, made up like bad street walkers that are crying about nose jobs, who are friends with who they are nothing more than a HOT MESS.

Vicki it is clear that you are the neediest, clingiest, and most self-centered person on the planet. I mean for crying out loud you are driving your daughter to oncology surgery whining about how YOU are going to get through this??????? REALLY???? Why would you do that? I am a mom and I would do everything in my power to make sure my kid was as comfortable as possible. Last year when my mom drove me to my oncology surgery not once did she mention herself. It's sad I really used to enjoy you on the show but your true colors of selfishness are not a portrayal of anyone that is REAL in OC. Ad your new relationship is great, but he got behind on his child support, admit it, be nice to others in that position,a nd humble yourself. If you are,going to try and play the Christian card at your convenience then you should lose the judgement and scrape that old gum Tamra off of your shoe.

Gretchen, you have some business smarts it appears. Get some real smarts and get the hell away from Tamra the mental patient. She is crazy and nothing more than a huge shit stirrer, I think she wants to skin you and wear you like last years Versace. Slade is slimy but if you're happy please explain why. I just don't get the guy at all.

Alexis, honey, the women are mean, you don't know how to be mean, just go away from them. And for Pete's sake, you cry too much over a minor surgery. Do you know how much that irritates those of us that have had to have had surgery because of cancer or other horrible things? Will you please grow a pair and throw a big pot of spaghetti on Tamra she was so rude and disgusting to you, you need to put that animal in her place.  We need more action from you and less talking, in your case talking less is much more.

Heather, you are hilarious to watch, because you cast dispersions on the other chicks with a smile on your face. Love it! "Shut it down" is my new favorite line.

Tamra, I need to know if Bravo gave you a raise for going off of your anti-psychotic medication? You are crazy, you went completely psycho over a couple of drunken high fives and tried to make your best friends boyfriend handle your boob. WHO DOES THAAT??? You are at a RESTAURANT a fondue restaurant and act like you're shocked that the are going to serve food with calories. Eating disorder much? You clearly are planning a huge Hen house fight. You are insensitive and horrible to Vicki who you claim is your best friend on earth, and then you try and throw her and Gretchen in the ring. Was that supposed to be an illegal cock fight or something. We're you sad no one drew first blood? You need psychiatric help go get some.

This season has really made me reflect on how mentally healthy I am. So to the real housewives of OC thank you for making me feel so much better about myself, and how superior I am emotionally, spiritually and maternally and I fell that way even without the drag queen makeup you all proudly display.

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  1. I haven't watch any eppy's yet, not sure if I want to now...sounds like the bus to crazy town!!! Thanks for the laugh!