Sunday, October 5, 2014

Life Lessons of the Week

1. Consistency will bring success

2. Crazy people should be put on exile island

3. Facebook is not as fun as it used to be

4. People that go out of their way to be mean and personally attack are losers, and need to get a life

5. Another person truth is not my reality.

6. Never ever give up on your kids, friends, family and always hope for more.

7. Cut out negative people, they suck the life force of the universe.

8.  Freedom of speech is a beautiful thing.

9. Disagreeing with an opinion of someone is no reason to call someone names.

10. I do believe my oldest son will speak one day.

11.  I had free rent in the head of a big bully today, and while I feel like I need a shower after being in such a vile place, it took all the power out of the bully.

12. If you're going to throw something at me, I'm going to swing at it

There will never be a day or a place where I am okay with someone attacking a person because of a disagreement, if you can't have a debate without agreeing to disagree, stay out of the sandbox.
 It's a short life, and to spend an entire day, poking at someone because you have nothing going on in your world, is really sad, and I'm grateful that I'm not the one living that way.

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