Sunday, November 13, 2011

When did they stop being Common?

I mean courtesy and sense.  When did normal common sense and courtesy just go by the wayside?  Neither seem to be common anymore and I'm sort of over it.

 Open doors for old ladies, or hold them open, you're not the only one on the planet, you selfish buffoons.  It's common courtesy.

Stop texting while you're driving, if you're a teenager I'm going to follow you home and tell your parents. It's common decency and against the law.  Your stupid anecdotes are not more important than the lives of my kids in the car on the road with you.

Eating less and exercising more will help you lose weight - this is just common sense, and people like Dr. Oz are cornering the market on this simple statement and making bazillions of bucks by it.  Save your money, learn it, practice it, live it.

People with Autism are not weird, their brain is different than yours.  If you raise a kid that says kids with Autism are weird, you are a LOSER.  The number is 1 in 91 have autism, they live amongst you learn to deal and not be or raise jackasses.  Acceptance, and common decency, sense, and courtesy are all in play here.  Ask someone with autism or their family about it, learn, don't live in jackass and ignorance, you do not want to piss off a warrior mom.

To the Occupy Everywhere people......common sense is now dictating that your movement has no purpose.  Living in filth, vandalizing public property and raping, drugging and pillaging the areas around you basically remove any validity to any coherent point you were trying to make.  Go home, brush your teeth, take a bath, re-think it, and then come and practice your free speech, the rest of us would like to walk past city parks without the stench of you.  This is common courtesy, and sense.   You really need to know that those of you that are making fools of yourselves, and being degenerates you are ruining any point trying to be made by the Occupy movement, and I don't support it, but you look like imbeciles and stink to high heaven, and are behaving like savages.  Step it up, and class it up please.

This last week with the whole Penn State sexual abuse scandal got me thinking, and irritated and made me angrier than hell.  

So for all of you @ Penn State that seem to be lacking in common sense, I am going off, so get ready.

Okay, for everyone out there if you happen to come across a 10 year old being RAPED in a shower, do not walk away, stop the act from happening, beat the perpetrator to a pulp and call the damn police.  Mike McQuery - you obviously have no maternal instincts, decency, balls or common sense.  How on earth do you let a 10 year endure being sodomized by your co-worker and not do anything to stop it?  I am sure glad that was not my son because I am fairly certain I would not have been as gracious as your victims parents.  Coach Paterno and every single person on the College administration that knew of this and did not go to the authorities, please, for the love of God go have your head examined.  There are so many things on so many levels that are wrong with this situation and you that I can't even begin to list them.  Common courtesy and decency and sense obviously is not common at Penn State, I hope you all pray for the victim that you so neglected and disrespected as you were worried about your NCAA and network football money because you spent more energy protecting that than you did a small child. 

I honestly can not believe I have had to say some of these things but after the behavior and my lack of tolerance this week, I'm fed up.  Everyone is living a struggle of some sort, step it up and be kind or at least get out of yourself for the moments you are out in public so as to not subject some people to obvious selfishness.


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