Friday, November 18, 2011

Little boys and their "toys"

There are now things I am certain that parents of little girls will never understand or get the privilege of living with on a daily basis.  As I am also sure that parents of little girls are privy to things that boy parents are not.  Being a mom of two boys, I am strangely proud that my oldest son has discovered the "toy" on his body.

It is widely believed that a lot of men think with their penis'.  Well my son has autism, so I'm doubtful that he is thinking with his penis, but he sure has found out how fun it is to play with and all the things it will do.

We have been working on potty training our son for about 7 months, he finally has it down, he goes to the bathroom when told, does his pee pee and flushes, washes his hands, and is on his merry way.  Well in the last couple of weeks he has figured out that he has control over the stream of fluid and is now using it as a hose, and thinks it's HILARIOUS.  Now the kinds of giggles that I am getting out of him has now attracted the 2 year old to see what is going on, so he comes running to see what's happening.  My husband now joins the party and is showing them how to "aim" in the toilet, my 2 year old is chanting Pee Pee, Pee Pee, the 4 year old is laughing and drinking water by the gallon so he has to make himself go the bathroom.  So I've got a 50 year old in their proud as can be that his 4 year old son is spraying and making designs with the fluid, the 2 year old now comes running from afar whenever anyone goes into the bathroom and chants" pee pee pee pee" so he can watch the stream. All I will tell you is that I no longer use that bathroom, it is reserved for the boys, and I lock mine.   Thank you God for Costco and an endless supply of disinfectant wipes.  I am sure that this does not happen in a home that is all girls.

In some of the life skills lessons that our son goes through in his Autism therapy are things like dressing,undressing and shoes on, shoes off, brushing teeth unassisted, etc.  Well the dressing and undressing portion of the show are now on hold because of the newly found functions of the penis.  He was taking off the clothes and spraying and shaking his booty to make the fluid go in circles.   Yes, these are surely my proudest parental moments.

There are things about Autism that suck so badly, but oddly even though this peeing "problem" is gross, I am crazily excited about it because it is bringing laughter to a kid that is so stuck in a shell sometimes, that if I have to go through a bottle of Clorox and wipes a day to clean up, so be it.  It is something that after discussing with typical boys moms - ALL THE BOYS HAVE AN OBSESSION WITH THEIR PEE PEE'S and what they can do.  The excitement is almost palpable that my child is doing something that the rest of typical boys do.  There was recently an episode of the Real Trainwrecks (Housewives) of Beverly Hills where someone's little boy peed on the grass at a pool party.  Kyle obviously the mother of girls carried that on through 3 episodes, like the little boy came and peed on her plate of food or something.   Yes it is a little gross, I realize that, but I do keep up the clean like a mad woman, and he will be trained that pee is to stay in the bathroom.  But for now, I am letting the boy be a boy.  Not my proudest mommytale, but it is one that brings a smile to my face because anything that cracks that autism shell makes me smile.


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  1. Oh yes, boys and their toys! My two think they are swords or guitars. I give up.