Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Cachi Coffee

I have a 40 mile one way commute to take one of my kids to school, and sometimes because of the heinous Southern California traffic I stick around his school area for awhile, so as to save myself from having a stroke in traffic.

There is a lovely little coffee shop I have found and hang out in La Palma  Cachi Coffee  it makes great coffee, has reasonably priced breakfast and lunch menu, and the food is great and healthy. 

I had chorizo and eggs this morning with a cup of coffee and a side of egg to stay "Keto", and it was $7.00.  Totally doable.  There Wifi is free and fast, the music is awesome, the staff is friendly and helpful.  Lunch Specials are $5.95, and it gets busy at lunch it's a pretty industrial area. 

Every meal or drink I have had here has not disappointed, and it is a place I frequent regularly. 

The location is at 10 Centerpointe Dr., La Palma. 

If you're looking for a place in North County to hang your hat for awhile, meet a girlfriend, just do some self care.  This is the place that gives the stale old chain coffee establishments a kick in the teeth.  This is what a coffee shop should and will always be to me.  Great coffee, good food, and amazing music, with a comfortable atmosphere.  Thanks Cachi! 

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