Friday, December 26, 2014

We found SOMETHING he loves!

I am always looking for activities for my boys to do, to keep them active, and things that typical non-autistic kids do, for social reasons and because it's good for them.  It sometimes is challenging because there are not a lot of coaches/teachers that "get" autism, and some of the quirks that go with it.  So you can understand my excitement when I find something that is a good fit.

I was at a birthday party for one of our friends this summer, and met a family that had their son with autism in a Kickboxing Class, and that he loved it!  So I felt intrigued, because I had had Jackson in JiuJitsu for about a year, and he didn't love it, he went, but whined and had a hard time following the class, and while he had improvement, he was never really going to be included in the rest of the classes that they had to offer or be included with the typical children, so there was no advancement happening.

I asked questions about this Special Needs Kickboxing Class at OC Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts gym in Irvine.  The class is from 4:00 to 4:45 on Friday afternoons.  It was a hit from the first class, first reason being is because he got to wear shorts and a t-shirt and not a heavy hot Gui.  Which was always half of the battle before.  Since he had obtained some skills from JiuJitsu, he was really ready for this class.

Coach Felipe, Coach Janice and Coach Catrina run a tight ship and give amazing instruction and are incredibly patient with our kiddos. There are also neuro typical peers that assist and help the special needs kids learn the combinations, and they all do the class together.  I can not say enough how wonderful the staff and volunteers and families that participate in this class, we feel welcome, comfortable, and happy to be there.  Jackson looks forward to it, and since we've been going a few months now, he has gotten stripes on his belt, so he is moving up, which was a HUGE boost to his confidence.  We practice the combinations at home so he stays fresh.

What is happening is that he is disciplined, and pays attention.  The way Coach Felipe runs the class is very quick, and he has a unique appropriate way of keeping the kids attention, and everyone loves it.

OC Kickboxing is in Irvine at 18241 W. McDurmott, Irvine, CA (949) 838-8338.  There are scholarships available for special needs due to a grant they recieved from Fullerton Cares and Autism Speaks.  If you are in need of an activity, or need something to build your childs confidence, or discipline, this is the place.  I love the kids who are helping out in the special needs class, they are friendly, respectful, disciplined and a pleasure to be around.  This is the activity where I feel that Jackson is gaining discipline, attention, and confidence in addition to learning to defend himself.

I can not recommend OC Kickboxing enough.  If you have a child with autism, check it out.  If you have a typical child absolutely give them a call, it will change you and your kids life.


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