Sunday, November 30, 2014

Autism had a Happy Thanksgiving

This year we celebrated Thanksgiving with my husbands family at my in-laws house.  All of his family for the most part have been incredibly kind and accommodating to my kids special needs.

We arrived with our truckload of toys, games, iPads, food, snacks, changes of clothes, and ear muffs for our couple of hour visit.  We look like we are unpacking a clown care with all of the "stuff" needed by my kids.  Having all of the "stuff" makes our success ratio much higher, even if they don't use any of it, I like to have familiar things available to them when anxiety or sensory overload kicks in.

The food, company, love and laughter were wonderful.  Besides my son pooping in the corner of the spare bedroom, the day was a total success.  Autism likes to do that to me, make sure that I have episodes of embarrassment, humility, or mortification just to keep me grounded and in my place, making sure I don't get too cocky.  Autism tries to keep me down to earth, the bastard.

What I totally loved about this holiday was that the 4 of us arrived together and left together.  We always bring 2 cars places just in case autism decides it is going to bitch slap us around.  Didn't happen this time.  For the first time in a long time all of us got to participate in all of the festivities of the holiday.   That is what I am thankful for.


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