Friday, May 31, 2013

Life Lessons of The Week

Oh and has it been a week.

  • There are people out there looking to harm
    • There are people out there that really live like the guests on Maury Povich (I really thought that stuff was made up)
  • Don't invite crazy into your world
  • Some people can't live without creating chaos in all the lives around them
  • Trying to do the right thing and keeping calm when dealing with psychos is an exercise in futility
  • Karma will get you (I pray)
  • The school officials that manage my childs case are mediocre at best, and his teacher is amazing
  • If you want something done right do it yourself, or scream until they do it your way.
  • If I didn't exercise I think I would have cried all week, taking it out on the gym was awesome
  • I just took all the power away from a nut job and I love that
  • Losing 8lbs in a month is about a cure all for feeling crappy

This has been a week that has tried every single ounce of my  patience and love of humanity.  A crazy evil psycho woman was brought into our lives, and is trying to ruin our rental home.  I have never encountered such evil.  I thought I had met the most vile person on earth over a year ago, but shockingly there is someone that kicked it up a notch and proved that there are people with complete dark souls, and evil all the way down to their core.

This is a problem that we will overcome, but I am so disappointed in people right now.  I just am so bewildered and shocked as to how someone with children could spend so much time trying to hurt someone.  If this crack pot spent as much time working as she did scheming on ways to get out of paying the rent or faking injury to sue us - she would probably be very successful.   I feel sorry for her, and her children, and am sorry that she gets to procreate and raise monsters like she is.

On a happy note,  my kids autism treatment is in an up hill swing Jack is making amazing strides, and Franklin is coming a long, and mommy found a new voice and is learning her way around the school district and how to get her kids what helps them.  It's going to be a good summer and I am so looking forward to 1st grade!

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