Friday, November 16, 2012

Grateful today and everyday - even when I forget

I have been trolling around on Facebook and seeing everyone's daily item of thankfulness or gratitude, and somedays I'm not feeling particularly thankful.  Even though, I have an abundance of things to be thankful for.

Today is one of those days where I feel like my cup runs over, and while I have the ability and the memory of this moment where I'm looking at everything in front of me with immeasurable gratitude, I want y'all to know what I am thankful for.

My family - That husband that drives me batty some days, he is a gem sometimes too, and a work horse and a good dad and provider.  My amazing kiddos, they taught me a love and drive that I never thought I was capable of.  My parents are amazing, they would do anything I ask and love my kids with all their hearts.  My brother, sisters in laws and all the nieces and nephews we feel blessed to have all of you in our lives.  There is a wonderful lesson of socials skills and friendship that is taught with cousins first, and our family does it up right.

Autism - Yes, you read it correctly,  I am grateful today for autism.  While I do hate it with a passion, it allowed me to find a strength, conviction, and a drive to do for my kids that I did not think was humanly possible.  I think autism gave me the patience, tolerance and love for my kids that fills every gap on earth.

My home - It's cozy, chaotic, and pretty, and I love it.  It was the first place I brought my kids home to and I just love it, and am excited this year to cook our first Thanksgiving 8 years after moving in :)

My grandfather - He's been gone for many many years.  But those words that he said to me when I was a little girl "I work this hard so you won't have to and can be happy" - Well Nanu - you have given a gift to my little boy that I will NEVER be able to express the gratitude for helping us crack that shell of autism.

My running shoes - they gave me my sanity, every pounding step took some pain and made me a stronger woman, wife, and mom.  Still the cheapest form of therapy I could have ever found.  The miles and races I have run have kept me from the brink of insanity more than you can ever know.

My friends - to my new friends, and my old friends, who have stuck by my side through autism, cancer, fat, thin, rich, poor, crazy and through the laughter and the tears.  Even if we only chat on facebook, I'm so grateful for the outlet and insight into your lives.  

For Brain Treatment Center, Coyne and Associates, Regional Center, Surfers Healing, and Social Kiddos Playdates, and all the moms groups and friends that we have made through this autism journey.  I respect you and am grateful you have trudged this road before me and taught me how to be a warrior mom.  And for all the fun and "normal" things you make possible for my kids and others to experience.  This would be a lonely ride trying to do this alone, so I applaud all of you and your efforts and hard work to make our family included.

 Happy Thanksgiving!  And don't forget to Give some Thanks!


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