Monday, April 23, 2012

My biggest in my reality wagon

I took me a few days after reading this article by Rex Dalton to compose my thoughts enough to eloquently write something that is not full of profanity and stating the ass kicking that I would like to dole out to several people involved in this.

The article sums it up completely, Rex laid it out very well.  Basically this is my biggest fear and the thing that keeps me up at night.  You see, my oldest son is a non-verbal moderately to severe 5 year old with Autism, and he does not have the ability to tell me what happens during a normal day at school, so I trust in the school that they are taking care of him and educating him.  That trust has now been shattered into a million little pieces.  It was not shattered by my son's school or anyone that works with him - or this would be a completely different post. (Probably made from a jail cell)

However, with all that being said don't think that I don't stop by school unannounced frequently to keep everyone on their toes.  I have made friendly with the Administrative staff, I bring cookies, cakes, coffee, and when I show up with my sons "lunch" I walk it over to his classroom with no discussion or problem.

At Taft Elementary School in Orange, CA and the Orange Unified School District they hired a human piece of excrement that "allegedly" abused the special needs children all non verbal.  And the horribly disturbing part is from the report of the aide giving it to the school, it was 3 months before the parents were notified.  3 MONTHS!!!!!  Are you insane?!  Are you kidding?!  What in the hell is wrong with people?  And by people I mean the school and school district and the teachers union.  This piece of trash is out on PAID administrative leave.  NICE!  If I was a parent in that district, I would just for general principal DEMAND that everyone that touched this case and did not notify the parents immediately BE FIRED!!!!

I am so thankful that this is not my school, district or child because there is not a way that I would be able to act as dignified as the parents involved.  If my kid is hurt, threatened, or I fear in any kind of discomfort a MOTHER GRIZZLY is going to UNLEASH an attack on you that you would not imagine.

These are special needs kids!  I mean come on, they have a hard enough life as it is.  This maggot had to allegedly abuse them, the district is apparently in the midst of a deep cover up, and the union trash is making sure the teacher that is accused of the heinous activity is PAID.  But let me ask you this, WHERE ARE THE PEOPLE THAT ARE SUPPOSED TO PROTECT THE KIDS????  Isn't that what the school district is for, is to serve and educate the CHILDREN, not PAY ABUSIVE TEACHERS?

My son can not talk, and I do not know what goes on in his classroom all the time, and I live with this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that someone, someday will hurt him and take and advantage of him and reading this article it made it a little bit more of my reality.  Autism is a fucked reality to live in daily. I love to look at the amazing strides that my kids make, to have to think and inspect their bodies for bruises everyday is now a part of our reality because they can't tell us what happens.  SHIT!  My biggest fear, that I have stuffed down for 3 years that my kids have been in school, is now a part of the autism reality.  So thank you asshats for adding yet another heavy stone to the wagon of fear I pull around with me everyday.

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  1. Oh my goodness, that is horrible, there are just no words, no words to comfort, but know that there is a lot of love around you, and that you are a fabulous mom!!