Friday, September 16, 2011

Team Jenny!

This is written with a horribly heavy heart.  I know someone today this losing their battle with cancer.  And I'm sad, for her children, her partner, her family and her friends. 

I sit here praying that Jenny and her loved ones are comforted by God's grace and the love they all have for each other, and that she makes a peaceful transition.

You see, I only chatted with Jenny online, I know and worked with her partner Steph for a few years.  Since I had battled cancer prior to Jenny's diagnosis it was a bond that Steph and I had at work, and we would talk about treatments and what to do and what was next, and everything.  And I truly grew to care for these women as a couple and the family that they were.

Since I have seen the news on facebook and know that Jenny has taken a turn for the worse, I sit here and have not been able to get her or Steph and Jenny's boys off of my mind for days now.  Her courageous battle with the horrid disease has been with grace and dignity and she really fought hard.  I did not have a battle like a lot of people who have had or have cancer, so I sit here and guilty wonder why and also say thank goodness.  A weird combination of emotions.  I haven't had anyone succumb to the disease since I had it, and it has just taken my breath away, I feel so fortunate, and so guilty.

To Jenny and all that are fighting the Big C.  Thank you for being such shining examples of grace and dignity, and keeping your head high.  Thank you for showing us the smile in the darkness.  Thank you for fighting the fight and showing people it can be done.  I will miss our facebook chats Jenny, and hearing about your days and how you were fighting the fight, and I loved being your cheerleader and you mine.  I'm sorry Steph for the shitty time you have to endure now, and I will do anything you need to comfort you. 

God Bless You Jenny.



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  2. May she Rest in Peace, no longer in pain. No words can truly be of comfort right now, but sending love...

  3. Wow , what A beautiful Statement. My Mother Died Of Pancreatic Cancer. And she Just Told Us That It Was Alright And Spent Each Day The Best She Could. Following From Friends Bloh Hop. My Site Anna

  4. I am so sorry and will keep you and them in my thoughts and prayers...

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